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Communication and Development Studies Post-Graduate Program

The Communication and Development Studies program of Ohio University has gained an international reputation for its challenging, interdisciplinary program. Faculty members in Development Communication possess a wealth of experience and are currently actively involved globally in development projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and the United States.

Course Title: MA in Communication and Development

Description: The two-year MA degree focuses on using communication to promote social change. The curriculum encompasses core courses related to communication for development, strategic communications and media production, participatory research methods, and area studies such as Africa, Latin America, or Southeast Asiaagement, development theory, and applications. Each student must also complete a field study or internship.

The program also provides Online Training in Communication and Development designed to meet the changing training needs of international agencies, governmental and NGOs, faith-based groups, research institutes, and media organizations. Learning is driven by a project-based, online format that stresses active collaboration with program instructors and fellow participants. Web: http://www.ouwb.ohiou.edu/commdev/index.html 


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