Centro Internacional de Estudios Superiores de Comunicación para América Latina (CIESPAL)

The International Center for Higher Communication Studies for Latin America , CIESPAL, is an international organization, created by UNESCO , that promotes the right to communication to democratize society at the regional level. CIESPAL dedicates its efforts to being a center of thought and reflection for communication researchers in Latin America, seeking to train journalists and communication professionals and support communication research in the region.

Gissela Davila Cobo, Director General

Email: info@ciespal.org / dvaca@ciespal.org
Website: https://ciespal.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ciespal.org
Address: Diego de Almagro N32-133 y Andrade Marin EC170102 Quito, Ecuador
Telephone: +593 2-254-8011

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