FAO tech tools bring climate change info to Senegalese farmers

FAO tech tools bring climate change info to Senegalese farmers

Climate change has directly affected traditional farming practices around the world. Historical rain patterns have become irregular, which has impacted planting and harvesting decisions. These complexities caused by climate change have led rural farmers in Senegal to adopt digital technologies. 

In 2016, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) launched a project called Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa (ASDIA). Funded through Flexible Voluntary Contribution, ASDIA aims to empower farmers with real-time information accessible through their cell phones. These mobile apps were specifically designed for agricultural needs—providing real-time data on weather forecasts, farming techniques, livestock care, market prices, and even health and nutrition. 

FAO collaborated with Senegal’s National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Council (ANCAR) and local organization leaders to support the implementation of digital solutions in the agricultural sector. The primary goal was to modernize local agriculture and reach more farmers through these tools. ANCAR agents and local leaders were trained on the mobile apps; in turn, the knowledge they learned was passed on to the farmers. 

Since the project’s implementation, thousands of farmers have benefited from the technology. 

For instance, the “Weather and Crop Calendar” app has helped farmers make informed decisions about seed selection and production cycles as it can accurately predict the start and end of the rainy season. Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of the e-commerce platform senlouma.org helped Senegalese farmers by facilitating the sale of their produce amid market disruptions.

The initiative has garnered the attention of other organizations and received additional funding to strengthen its goals and widen its reach. 

The success of ASDIA underscores the role of digital tools in modernizing rural farming and promotes the expansion of training for farmers to optimize the use of these tools. 


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Article contributed by Sandra San Carlos, ComdevAsia/CCComdev intern

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